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This was my first visit to Dr. Klein and I was very impressed with him, his assistant. His office has a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Klein diligently explained all the details about the condition of my teeth and informed me about the next steps. He also took the time to go over the financial site of the procedures that I needed. He was knowledgeable and informative, and clearly seems interested in patient care. I left his office feeling like I was in good hands.

- Mila S.

I have been a client of Dr. Klein's for decades. He has the same great, friendly, informative demeanor for as long as I can remember. He was painless and ensures I come in for my yearly check up and cleaning. He is always on top of the latest news in his field. I have been complimented on my smile many times. All because I listen to his advice and he heads things off before they become problems. He is a visionary dentist. Thanks Dr. Klein and his staff. Oh and he does not let you wait as other doctors tend to do and his magazines are up to date.

- Lorraine S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Klein for first time really I like him and he gave me a lot of useful information about the dental his service is very friendly. I will recommend it to all my friend. I appreciate his efforts. Thank you.

- Abbas S.

Dear Dr. Klein, Greetings! From the beginning it has been a privilege and honor to be one of your patients. My previous Dentist left New York, therefore, I attempted to find a new Dentist. As I searched the internet, my spirit lead me to you. Thank God! I can't forget my first encounter of a tooth extraction. You called me the next day to ensure that I was OK. Who does that? In all my years, I never had a Doctor or Dentist call to check on me after a procedure.. I was in awe. I shared that experience with my co-workers, family and friends. Also, your wealth of information regarding dental care is phenomenal. Thank you Dr. Klein for my continued pleasant experiences when I sit in a dental chair at your office.

- Sonja F

Having always had bad teeth, I was disgusted but not surprised when a chunk of tooth broke off. We had a new dental plan at work. Dr. Klein was in the plan, close to home & I could get an appointment. While working on the immediate problem, Dr. Klein asked, "do you like the Dracula look?" Huh? "The Dracula look. The fangs. Do you like the fangs?" I was thinking it was rude to mention my pointy canines but then he explained that he could grind them down & he could do it pronto. Years of going to dentists & no one had mentioned that I didn't have to look like Dracula. a few years more & I now have an amazing collection of partials, crowns, a nice smile & an occaional sensation of looking good. Thank you, Dr. Klein."

- Wayne

“I have been a patient of Dr. Klein since my daughters were five and ten years old – in the seventies and I am still and will always be his patient. Dr. Klein is the best dentist one feels no pain, he explains what he will do before the procedure and during the procedure (even if you can’t answer) and when he is finished it is always a job well done. My daughters have their own family and they and their children still go to Dr. Klein. Truly, he and his staff are the best. Thank you Dr. Klein.”

- Barbara S.

"If you live in Brooklyn, this is the dentist you want to go to. Caring &very patient. I live out of state now but Dr. Klein put a bridge in about 30 years ago. The bridge just came out because I ate a Sugar Daddy lollipop. Never do that again. My dentist was very impressed that I had it that long & that is was still in excellent shape. It is now back in my mouth & I hope it lasts another 30 years. Thank you Dr. Klein!!"

- Ginny

"I work in the hospitality industry, and in my line of work your smile is one of your greatest assets. Dr. Klein not only help me fix my award winning smile he made me smile while he was working on my teeth. it was quick, painless and very professional which is something everyone wants from their dentist. Thank you again Dr. Klein for putting a hondsome smile on my face!"

- Adnan K.

"Dr. Klein and his staff take the time to talk to you, but more importantly they Listen!! He has taught me what to do and use for proper oral hygiene. He uses the utmost care when dealing with his patients. He has made me not cringe when its time for my dental appointment. Thanks so much for all you and the entire staff do for me and my family!!!"

- Justin

"I am 75 years old and thanks to Dr. Klein I have 30 teeth, rather that a set of falses ones. For more than 30 years, Dr. Klein has prospectively used every new method and tool available to limit my bone loss and thus the loss of my teeth. I have unhesitatingly referred many of my friends to him along with my daughter-in-law. I wholeheartedly second the testimonials that I can see on his website."

- Michael S.

"Dr. Steven L. Klein, DDS is the professional's professional, and so I trust him completely. My favorite thing about Dr. Klien is the way his integrity builds on a trait I believe to be more important than his prodigious abilities as a dentist, and that is his kindness. He sees you first; then he sees your teeth. Oh, and I also have a klein smile!"

-Rex C.

"A recent manager called me a "rising star" in the cosmetics industry. Dr. Klein has improved the look of my teeth, and in effect, this has helped me to gain confidence as a spokesperson for my company. I am off to new job, with a big promotion, and i can confidentially say that part of the success was from what Dr. Klein has given me. I have also recommended Dr. Klein to my parents, and they are having great success with him as well. See Dr. Klein and you can feel confident to get top notch service by someone who listens, care, and his highly skilled."

-Brian G.

Dr. Klein and his staff make you feel comfortable and at ease. I had lumineers done by Dr. Klein and am extremely satisfied. Jonathan does my cleanings and he is "The Best" at what he does. Highly recommend Dr. Klein and his staff.

-Angela M.

I have to thank Dr. Klein and his staff for taking good care of my family. My children feel so comfortable when getting their teeth cleaned by Jonathan. He is a very good hygienist. Dr. Klein gave me back a beautiful and "klein Smile". I got the best quality veneers at a very reasonable cost. He is experienced in cosmetic dentistry and the attention is very personal. Esin helps to accommodate my appointments. Also, they offer good credit plans, which I was able to pay off in a short time without interest. Thank you Dr. Klein for your friendship and dedication. Now I smile more often.

-Maria N.

I have been a patient of Dr. Klein for 12 years. When I started seeing him, 1 had a history of cavities and plaque buildup. Dr. Klein used the most cutting edge dental techniques, such as the use of panoramic x-rays, resin and porcelain fillings, fluoride treatments and deep oral cleanings in order to give me a fresh start with my teeth. He educated me as to the importance of oral hygiene and I began to implement his regimen. To Dr. Klein's and my pleasure, I haven't had a cavity or plaque buildup in many years. I have so much confidence in Dr. Klein's practice that my wife and two young daughters are also his patients. Dr. Klein has a holistic practice and does oral cancer screenings and stresses the connection between oral hygiene and total body health. I am an athlete and recently took a nasty face plant on my bicycle where there was trauma to my mouth and one of my teeth was chipped. Dr. Klein saw me right away without an appointment, checked me out thoroughly, and made sure that all of the damage was repaired. If you desire a master dentist who stresses preventative measures, is a perfectionist in his work, uses the latest technology, and is simply a very nice and well-educated person you would want him as your dentist. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Klein for all of your dentistry needs. Your teeth will be in excellent hands!

-Alan C.

I built Dr. Klein’s practice! I’ve been his patient for about 30 years and continually sing his praises! I travel from Manhattan, to get his expert care and his ever current urgings to add yet another new advance in prevention to my daily regimen. I am also the recipient of his warm and sincere interest in his patients, as well as his sharp insights of current films, good music and world events. He’s definitely a dentist par excellence, but more importantly, a man of great compassion and dedication to all of his patients, both young and old, and in all the offices he so diligently serves.

-Anne G.

I have been a patient of Dr Klein for a year now. When I went to klein Smile Dental my mouth was in very poor condition I had missing teeth and my gums were in very bad shape due to many years of neglect. With the help of Dr Klein and his very friendly and wonderful staff they helped to repair the damage to my gums and fixed my teeth. I can now smile without being self conscious about what my teeth look like. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and friendly dentist I highly recommend Dr Klein and klein Smile Dental.

-Guy L.

Dr. Klein and staff are very friendly. easy appointments never had to wait long. Dr. Klein gives great dental service.

-Chrissie A.

Even the dentist I saw for a dental emergency in Australia commented with admiration for Dr. Klein's work! The most patient and caring of men, Dr. Klein will give emergency care even if you are not his patient - and he's open on Sundays!

-Sharon S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Klein for a few years and he is indeed one of the best. His service to his patients is immeasurable. I have recommended him to my friends. He is one of the rare ones who is very interested in preventative care and glees in delight when patients come in and he sees that they have followed his instructions/recommendation. Dr. Klein is also in the fore front with new technology in dentistry and has no hesitation in informing his patients where he sees the necessity that would insure that klein smile.

-Michael H.

Hi Dr. Klein! This is my testimonial I would like to leave below: "I had a fantastic experience at Dr. Klein's office. It was my first time going back to NYC and trying to find a dentist. I am so happy I found Dr_ Klein because he made my visit painless and he was so nice and personable. First, I was late (totally on me) but him and Daphne the assistant was very accommodating. Secondly, he was very honest about his billing procedures and even offered to help me get my chipped tooth fixed on him! It's these little things that count and makes me appreciate a good dentist. I'm excited for my next visit back already. Thank you again Dr. Klein!

-Lucy Z.

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